Solstice- Willy Whisker Rub




🧔Whiskers in a twist? Beard feeling dry and patchy? Hairs not growing the way you want them to? It’s time to invest in a beard oil!

No beard? No problem! Willy’s Whisker Rub can also be used as an aftershave!

Willy’s Whisker Rub is a superb, handmade beard and face oil! We pair ingredients that combat dryness, irritation, and acne with ones that promote hair growth, circulation, and moisture.

Each bottle is PACKED with nutrients that’ll keep your whiskers healthy and happy! We take organic safflower oil, organic jojoba oil, and cold pressed argan oil, and infuse them with essential oils!

In our Solstice blend we have geranium, vetiver, cedarwood, grapefruit, patchouli, and frankincense essential oils! The scent of our beard and face oil is UNREAL! Think summertime by the pool!

🧔Always made in the USA with love, and chemical free ingredients!

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