Plushy Diary




Dear Diary,
It’s been 21 years since I last wrote in a diary, but I thought now is as good of a time than ever to start. It’s fuzzy and pink, so I can’t really help myself… plus, journaling is like therapy, right? Mental health self-care? Anyways…
Last time I wrote in you I dreamily signed off as “Mrs.” Spoiler alert: DUDE, it happened. I married him and now I’m happily married. Who coulda guessed that would work out, huh?
Oh, also, we had a kid. He’s great.
Today I almost threw a toy animatronic reindeer into the fireplace after my son squeezed it’s hoof and made it play the damn Rudolph song over eighty-three times.
There is not enough vodka in the world.
Will write more later!
Love always, me

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