Lemon Enamelware Pot 3.2 Qt


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“The bright yellow fruits on this enamel pot will always lighten your mood every time you look at them! What’s more – enamel is one of the safest materials to cook in, as it prevents the food from coming into contact with metal, which may lead to not only changes in taste, but also in unwanted substances being absorbed by the food from this metal. Enamel cookware can be used for both cooking and storing food and does not have any negative effects on health.
Quality enameled steel.
Heats up quickly and evenly.
Comes with a heat-resistant glass lid.
Suitable for most types of stoves.
Dishwasher safe.
Small – 3,2qt (3L)/ 78.74”x74.02”x78.74” (200x188x200mm).
This product was manufactured according to the gost (the quality standards code of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus).
Made in Russia.
Material enameled steel.
Picture / color white.
Collection juicy lemon.
Upc 689860852204, 689860852211, 689860852327″.

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