FireCreek Snacks – Kicker Snack Stix – 1oz


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Experience the pleasantly spicy kick of our FireCreek Kicker Stix. FireCreek Stix have shattered the stereotype of the typical snack stick by delivering a healthy, all-natural snack with a truly exceptional taste.

The creation of a third-generation meat man, FireCreek Stix are handcrafted the old-fashioned way using real hickory smoke to give them true smokehouse aroma and taste. They are the perfect snack to fuel an active lifestyle whether you’re at the office, on a family hike, or just in the mood for a healthy treat.

– Exceptional hickory-smoked flavor
– No artificial ingredients
– Gluten-free, soy-free, MSG-free
– No nitrates
– High-protein, low-sugar
– Made in the USA with all-American ingredients